Take the Field: Update 06 - 5/5

Recapping event parameters set by USSSA at a national level and outlining SPECIFIC EVENT GUILDEINES for May Oklahoma events including; limiting of ball contact, award ceremonies, gate procedures, etc. 


[Updated 5/6 11:00am CST]

GATE PROCESS ADJUSTMENTS: In an effort to improve traffic flow at the entrance of the event, and to reduce contact and the exchange of cash, our gate procedures are changing.  Instead of our normal system of exchanging cash and stamps for entry, all teams are required to purchase a $250 electronic gate pass in advance of the event.  Once the team e-pass has been purchased, all fans of that team are allowed to come and go from the event freely, staying within the above event guidelines regarding health and safety of all.  Event attendees are not required to show the e-pass, stamps or other indicators of payment for entrance.  All teams will be required to purchase this pass in order to compete in the event.  We will also be taking precautions to open all entrances around the complex to improve traffic flow in and out of the complex.  All e-passes must be purchased by May 24th. 

*Event specific parameters & guidelines can be viewed by clicking the 'VIEW FOR OKC CHALLENGE' button above.  

[Updated 5/1 5:00pm CST)]

We are happy to report that after we received a great deal of information from the state of Oklahoma regarding their plan to ‘Open up and Recover Safely’ last week, the event is moving forward! 

Right now, we are continuing to work with the county and state to understand what regulations need to be put in place for play and we’ll be sending along another update by mid-week next week. 

Our plan is to release the schedule by Friday, May 15th. We’re happy to let you know that we are trying to work the schedule to extend game times from 70 minutes to 90 minutes - - a little reward for hanging in there through all of this, and a way to welcome you back to the fields!  We’re also working hard to provide a kick-off event on Friday - details are still being worked out but it looks to be a fun day!

We know this is a trying time for you and your families on multiple levels and we understand more than anything that the return to normalcy will be different for everyone. If you know your team won’t be playing, please let us know by next Friday, May 8th so that we can finalize the schedule and get it out to you as soon as possible.

Take the Field Team -
As a reminder, PlayMSP has partnered with Top Gun Events to develop a Take the Field Team made up of professionals from across the area, to ensure that when we are able to take the field again we can do so by providing a safe and enjoyable environment for ALL involved. We’ve promised to provide our PlayMSP community with weekly updates as it pertains to this initiative -- industry regulations, what’s to be expected as the environment continues to change and the measures we’re taking to ensure safety for all. You can find these updates on our social channels and from the alert banner link at 

Please stay healthy & safe! We can’t wait to see you all soon.