MSP Community,

As this world has been flipped upside down the past couple weeks it has brought many emotions to all of us. This morning I woke up with a heavy heart thinking about each of you. To know that so many are being impacted by COVID-19 on so many different levels. For the first few days I found myself focused on leading my family and my team here at MSP and everything going on with different emotions within each of them. Finding ourselves faced with the reality that there is no way to plan for something like this or to know there is no playbook on how to lead in a time like this has brought some challenges for each of us. In times like this I feel it is important to come closer together through community as opposed to running to isolation. Of course 'community' will need to look different than our normal routine over the next few weeks, but I still believe COMMUNITY must happen.

At MSP we truly believe each of you are a part of our community and we were so excited about 2020. Not only because of all the visions and goals we had set for MSP, but because of the ways we intended to take a deeper dive with each of you this year and beyond. Our platform may have shifted from delivering this at the park each weekend but I can promise you that we're working on different ways to serve each of you over the next several weeks. The team's focus has turned from the running of baseball and softball tournaments to serving our community in need or just looking for some encouragement. If any of you know of others hurting in our community please let us know. As an organization we want to be the hands and feet during this difficult time. If you want to join our community to help others in need please let us know as well and we can do this TOGETHER. One of our core values is We are Better Together and I believe now is the time we all work to live this out.

I truly have an incredibly talented team that I absolutely love here at MSP and none of us know how this is going to end. We are like so many other businesses out there that have no idea how we will survive this crisis but our hope is in God at this time. We have a choice to focus on what might be, or we can have trust that God has a plan. Joshua 1:9 says, “This is my command-be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

MSP Community please join me and praying for not only our MSP Family that works for us at our head office but also our seasonal team, umpires, and partners that are all suffering right now. We know so many others are hurting as well and we are praying daily for each of you.

“This too shall pass,” has hit my desk several times the last few days and I 100% agree. But let’s not miss the opportunity in front of us right now to "lock arms" as a community and help each other. How we get to the other side of this crisis depends on each of us by looking outwardly and how we can help each other. We want each of you to know that you are loved, being prayed for daily, and TOGETHER we will find good in this.

We are Better Together,

Jeremy McDowell
CEO & Founder
Midwest Sports Productions